The 1979 "Oasis" Paris-Dakar Rally


Sponsors: BMW-Vetements Adolphe Lafont
Colors: Red with white sponsors
  Fenouil (real name J-C. Morellet) - F
Bike technical data:
  Preparation by Arcueil Motor and Schek
  800cc engine
  Rack made with truck engine connecting rod (! strong and light)

Out on 12 January (tumbler failure)

 66. Philippe Jambert - F
Bike technical data:
 R65 with windshield and no other mod!!!

The rally

24/12/1978  prologue at Monthléry (chrono)
25/12/1978  "parc fermé" at the Trocadero (Paris)
26/12/1978  Paris-Marseille (liaison)
27-28/12/1978 Boat through Mediterannean Sea
28/12/1978  Alger-Laghouat (300km liaison)
29/12/1978  Laghouat-Reggane (1450km liaison)
31/12/1978  Reggane-In Salah (271km chrono)
01/01/1979  In Salah-Tamanrasset (650km liaison)
02/01/1979  Tamanrasset-In Guezzam (Algeria-Niger border) (375km chrono)
            In Guezzam-Assameka (liaison)
03/01/1979  Assameka-Arlit (230km)
04/01/1979  Arlit-Agadez (231km)
05/01/1979  Agadez-Tahoua (430km)
06/01/1979  Tahoua-Talcho (240km chrono)
            Talcho-Niamey (180km liaison)
07/01/1979  Niamey-Gao (448km liaison)
08/01/1979  Gao (rest day)
09/01/1979  Gao-Mopti (560km chrono passing Hombori mountain)
10/01/1979  Mopti-Bamako (650km liaison)
11/01/1979  Bamako-Nioro (420km)
12/01/1979  Nioro-Kayes (250km chrono)
            Kayes-Kidira (120km liaison)
            Kidira-Bakel (80km liaison)
13/01/1979  Bakel-Kanel (110km chrono)
            Kanel-Linguéré (220km liaison)
            Linguéré-Louga (90km liaison)
14/01/1979  Louga-Dakar (80km chrono on the beach)
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Final result :
  1. Cyril Neveu - F (Yam XT500) 1068pt
  2. Gilles Comte - F (Yam XT500) 1142pt
  3. Philippe Vassard - F (Honda 250) 1181pt

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