The 1981 Paris-Dakar "Paris-Match" Rally


Official Team: BMW France
Sponsors: Le Point
Colors: White with BMW M striping.
  100. Hubert Auriol - F
  101. Fenouil - F
  102. B. Neimer - F (Team BMW France-CMPN)
Bikes technical data:
  Bikes prepared by HPN
  55hp, 798cc engine, 150 kg.
  Rear suspension with 2 arms and 1 Bilstein shock (240 mm travel)
  Fork Maico (270mm travel), front brake with disk.
  Steel tank with air-box (42 liters)
  Engine protection bars on white frame
Trivia: CMPN means Compagnie Motocycliste de la 
        Police National (French bike police dpt.)
Tank 81

PD rally GS 1981

  103. H. Schek - D (Deutscher Motorsport Verband, GS800) Pic
  104. K-F. Capito - D (Deutscher Motorsport Verband, GS800)
  105. R. Loizeaux - F (CMPN, GS800)
  106. P. Dupraz  - F (CMPN, GS800)
  107. J-J. Mojica - F (CMPN, GS800)
  108. P. Boujieau - F (R100GS proto)

The rally

31/12/1980  "parc fermé" at the Trocadero (Paris)
01/01/1981  prologue at Olivet (5km chrono)
            Olivet-Nîmes (liaison)
02/01/1981  Garrigues (chrono)
            Nîmes-Sète (liaison)
03/01/1981  Boat through Mediterannean Sea
04/01/1981  Alger-Moudj Barra (320km liaison)
05/01/1981  Moudj Barra-Messad (38km chrono)
            Messad-Guerrara (220km liaison)
            Guerrara-El Alia (138km chrono)
            El Alia-Les Quattres Chemins (580km liaison)
06/01/1981  Les Quattres Chemins-In Ecker (567km chrono)
            In Ecker-Tit(140km liaison)
07/01/1981  Tit-Timiaouine (540km)
08/01/1981  Timiaouine-Gao (740km)
09/01/1981  Gao (rest day)
10/01/1981  Gao-Tombouctou (412km)
11/01/1981  Tombouctou-Niono (570km chrono)
12/01/1981  Niono-Kioutala (260km liaison)
            Kioutala-Sikasso (130km chrono)
            Sikasso-Koloko (60km liaison)
            Koloko-Bobo Dioulasso (123km chrono)
13/01/1981  Bobo Dioulasso-Bouna (828km liaison)
14/01/1981  Bouna-Ferkessédougou (320km chrono)
            Ferkessédougou-Korhogo (60km liaison)
15-16/01/1981 Korhogo-Tengrela (210km chrono)
              Tengrela-Kolokani (585km liaison)
17/01/1981  Kolokani-Nioro (300km)
18/01/1981  Nioro-Kayes (247km chrono)
            Kayes-Kidira (120km liaison)
            Kidira-Bakel (80km liaison)
19/01/1981  Bakel-Fadiare (56km chrono)
            Fadiare-Dara (360km liaison)
            Dara-Louga (86km chrono)
            Louga-Tiougoune (63km liaison)
20/01/1981  Tiougoune-Dakar (80km chrono on the beach)
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Final result :
  1. H.Auriol - F (BMW GS800) 51h39'12''
  2. Serge Bacou - F (Yam XT500) 54h41'32''
  3. Michel Merel - F (Yam XT500) 56h39'59''
  4. Fenouil - F (BMW GS800) 60h55'30''
  7. B.Neimer - F (BMW GS800) 63h33'29''
  15. R.Loizeaux - F (BMW GS800) 73h27'53''

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