The 1982 Paris-Alger-Dakar Rally


Official Team: BMW France
Sponsors: Le Point, Wilkinson
Colors: White.
  100. Hubert Auriol - F
  101. Fenouil - F
  102. R. Loiseaux - F
  120. E. Breton - F (Team Moto-Verte)
Bikes technical data:
  Bikes prepared in France by Arcueil Motor
  55hp, 980cc engine, 150kg
  Monolever rear suspension, fork Maico
  Engine protection bars on white frame
  All the team out at Gao (10 January), general gear box default!
  Eric Breton was journalist at Moto-Verte (French dirt 
  bikes journal) and was riding an official bike as "pilote-
PD rally GS 1982 Pic

  10 private GS at the start of the race.?)

The rally

31/12/1981  "parc fermé" at the Trocadero (Paris)
01/01/1982  prologue at Olivet (chrono)
            Olivet-Nîmes (liaison)
02/01/1982  Garrigues (chrono)
            Nîmes-Sète (liaison)
03/01/1982  Boat through Mediterannean Sea
04/01/1982  Alger-Oued Djellal (liaison)
05/01/1982  Oued Djellal-El Baadj (chrono)
            El Baadj-Touggourt (liaison)
            Touggourt-Guerrara (chrono)
            Guerrara-Hassi Messaoud (liaison)
06/01/1982  Hassi Messaoud-Hassi Bel Guebbour (liaison)
            Hassi Bel Guebbour-Les Quattres Chemins (chrono)
07/01/1982  Les Quattres Chemins-In Ecker (567km chrono)
            In Ecker-Tit(140km liaison)
08/01/1982  Tit-Timiaouine (540km chrono)
09/01/1982  Timiaouine-Gao (740km chrono)
10/01/1982  Gao (rest day)
11/01/1982  Gao-Mopti (chrono)
12/01/1982  Mopti-Gao (liaison)
13/01/1982  Gao (rest day)
14/01/1982  Gao-Tombouctou (412km chrono)
15/01/1982  Tombouctou-Niono (570km chrono)
16/01/1982  Niono-Nioro (chrono)
17/01/1982  Nioro-Kayes (247km chrono)
            Kayes-Kidira (120km chrono)
18/01/1982  Kidira-Tambacunda (chrono)
            Tambacunda-Koungheul (chrono)
19/01/1982  Koungheul-Linguère (chrono)
            Linguère-Dara (liaison)
            Dara-Louga (86km chrono)
            Louga-Tiougoune (63km liaison)
20/01/1982  Tiougoune-Dakar (120km chrono on the beach)
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Final result :
  1. Cyril Neveu - F (Honda XR550)
  2. Philippe Vassard - F (Honda XR550)
  3. Grégoire Verhaeghe - F (Barigo 500)

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