The 1983 Paris-Alger-Dakar Rally


Official Team: BMW France
Sponsors: Le Point, Antar
Colors: White with one horizontal Bleu stripe.
  99. Herbert Schek - D
  100. Hubert Auriol - F
  101. Fenouil - F
  102. Raymond Loizeaux - F
Bikes technical data:
  Bikes prepared by Arcueil Motor
  72hp, 980cc engine prepared by H.Schek
  Fork Maico (310mm travel), 2 Ohlins shocks
  Steel tank (38 lit. front and 8 lit. under the seat)
  Engine protection bars on black frame
Tank 83

PD rally GS 1983

Private team: Capito
Sponsors: Castrol, 
Colors: White with BMW M striping.
  98. Gaston Rahier - B
Bike technical data: 
  Bikes prepared by Capito
  Fork Marzzochi (white), WP shocks
  Steel tank 48 liters (with tripmaster support)
  Small windshield
  Special engine protection bars
  out (oil pump) on 6 January
Tank 83 Capito Pic

  P. Arramy - F (Arcueil Motor, GS800)
  P. Boujieau - F (GS1000 proto)
  J. Porcar - Spain (Solo Moto, Castera Motos, GS800)
  W. Siegel - USA (BMW-California, GS800)

The rally

31/12/1982  "parc fermé" at the Trocadero (Paris)
01/01/1983  prologue at Olivet (chrono)
            Olivet-Nîmes (liaison)
02/01/1983  Garrigues (chrono)
            Nîmes-Sète (liaison)
03/01/1983  Boat through Mediterannean Sea
04/01/1983  Alger-Touggourt (760km liaison)
05/01/1983  Touggourt-Guerrara (171km chrono)
            Guerrara-Ourgla (190km liaison)
06/01/1983  Ourgla-El Golea (239km chrono)
            El Golea-Chebaba (146km liaison)
07/01/1983  Chebaba-Hassi Bel Guebbour (429km chrono)
            Hassi Bel Guebbour-Bordj omar Driss (72km liaison)
08/01/1983  Bordj omar Driss-Illizi (540km chrono)
09/01/1983  Illizi-Djanet (401km chrono)
10/01/1983  Djanet-Chirfa (532km chrono)
11/01/1983  Chirfa-Dirkou (239km chrono)
12/01/1983  Dirkou-Agadez (617km chrono)
13-14-15/01/1983  Agadez-Ingal (113km chrono)
                  Ingal-Korhogo (2070km liaison)
16/01/1983  Korhogo-Nara (900km liaison)
17/01/1983  Nara-Timbedgha (162km chrono)
            Timbedgha-Kiffa (380km liaison)
18/01/1983  Kiffa-Kaedi (307km chrono)
19/01/1983  Kaedi-Rosso (300km chrono)
            Rosso-Tiougoune (250km liaison)
20/01/1983  Tiougoune-Dakar (120km chrono on the beach)
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Final result :
  1. H.Auriol - F (BMW GS1000) 43h27'35''
  2. Patrick Drobecq - F (Honda XLR600) 43h52'24''
  3. Marc Joineau - F (Suzuki DR500) 45h49'30''
  9. Fenouil - F (BMW GS1000) 52h14'27''
  14. R.Loizeaux - F (BMW GS1000) 58h18'37''

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