The 1985 Paris-Alger-Dakar Rally


Sponsors: Marlboro BMW Team (Marlboro and Playboy)
Colors: White/fluo red with BMW M striping.
  101.Gaston Rahier
  102. Raymond Loizeaux
  103. Eddy Hau
Technical data: GS1000
  HPN bike
  70hp, 980cc engine with narrow cylinder and oil-cooler
  Compression 8,5:1
  170Kg (empty tanks), around 228Kg ready to ride
  Fork Marzzochi (white,  300mm travel)
  WP shocks (280mm travel)
  Front disk Brembo 260mm
  50 liters tank in 2 parts and 10 liters under the seat
  White and fluo red frame  with engine protection bars
  Big Acerbis fairing fixed on the fork
  Hand protector

R.Loizeaux Out on 4 January (fall, head trauma)
E.Hau Out on 6 January (fall, arm )
  This model was available at 1/12 scale from Tamiya (box #1449-49)
  and from Protar (1/10 scale, box #11203).
Tank 85

PD rally GS 1985

  40. Philippe Hutin - F Pic
  44. L. Fauret - F (Arcueil Motor, GS800)
  49. A. Laurent - F (Club Moto Police, GS1000)
  65. D. Pescheur - F (Malardeau, GS1000 with Maico fork)
  74. G. Andreoli - I (GS800)
  133. Fenouil Ramses - F (Rothmans, ex-official GS)

  140. R.Renders and ? Van Hauwerme - B (Mini-Flat, EML BMW1000) Pic
  141. ?.Peeters and ? Vandenheuvel - B (Mini-Flat, EML BMW1000)
  147. ?. Walcher and ?.Kabott - D 
  148. A. Francisco and ? Courgon - F (Paris Side-Car Dakar, Arcueil Motor)

The rally

30/12/1984  prologue at Cergy pontoise (7km chrono)
31/12/1984  "parc fermé" at Versailles
01/01/1985  Versailles-Sète (liaison)
02/01/1985  Boat through Mediterannean Sea
03/01/1985  Alger-Ouargla (840km liaison)
04/01/1985  Ourgla-El Golea (256km chrono)
05/01/1985  El Golea-Chebaba (120km liaison)
            Chebaba-In Salah (380km chrono)
06/01/1985  In Salah- (150km liaison)
            -In Amguel (480km chrono)
07/01/1985  In Amguel-Tamanrasset (240km chrono)
            passing through Assekrem mountain!!! 
08/01/1985  Tamanrasset-  (50km liaison)
            -Iferouâne (560km chrono)
09/01/1985  Iferouâne-Agadez (350km chrono)
Raid Santos de Cartier
  10/01/1985  Agadez-Dirkou (627km chrono)
  11/01/1985  Dirkou-Iferouâne (740km chrono)
              Iferouâne-Agadez (350km chrono for cars, same as 
                                the stage of 09/01 but by night)
              Iferouâne-Agadez (350km liaison for bikes, passing 
                                by "roads")
end of Raid Santos de Cartier

12/01/1985  Agadez (rest day)
13-14/01/1985  Agadez-Tchin Tabaradene (317km chrono)
               Tchin Tabaradene-Tahoua (160km liaison)
               Tahoua-Andéranboukane (347km  chrono)
               Andéranboukane-Gao (405km liaison)
15/01/1985  Gao-Tombouctou (412km chrono)
16/01/1985  Tombouctou-Néma (700km chrono)

==planned program==
  17/01/1985  Néma-Tichit (450km chrono)
  18/01/1985  Tichit-Kiffa (620km chrono)
  19/01/1985  Kiffa-Kayes (300km chrono)
  20/01/1985  Kayes-Kedougou (320km chrono)

==change due to a sand storm==
  17/01/1985  Néma-N'Dji (140km chrono)
  18/01/1985  N'Dji-Tichit (250km chrono)
              Tichit-Tidjikja (250km chrono)
              Tidjikja-Kiffa (370km liaison)
  19/01/1985  Kiffa (rest day)
  20/01/1985  Kiffa-Kayes (300km chrono)
              Kayes-Kedougou (320km chrono)
21/01/1985  Kedougou-Dialakoto (360km chrono)
            Dialakoto-La Somone (440km liaison)
20/01/1985  La Somone-M'boro (140km liaison)
            M'boro-Yoff-Dakar (80km chrono)

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Final result :
  1. G.Rahier - B (BMW GS1000) 88h45'01''
  2. Jean-Claude Olivier - F (Yam) 89h41'41''
  3. Franco Picco - I (Yam) 89h53'03'
  22. (out of time) D.Pescheur - F (BMW GS1000) 159h24'34''
Only 24 bikes and 1 side-car on Dakar's beach, it was the hardest 
of all the P-D rally!

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