The 1986 Paris-Alger-Dakar Rally


Sponsors: BMW Motorrad Marlboro, Elf
Colors: White/fluo red with BMW M striping.
  101. Gaston Rahier - B
  102. Eddy Hau - D
  103. Raymon Loizeaux - F
Technical data:
  HPN bike
  80hp, 1030cc engine
  Fork Marzzochi (white,  300mm travel)
  WP shocks (280mm travel)
  Front disk Brembo 260mm
  50 liters tank in 2 parts and 8 liters under the seat
  White and fluo red frame  with engine protection bars
  Big Acerbis fairing fixed on the fork
  Hand protector, dry battery under the gearbox
  Tool box on the center stand
Tank 86

PD rally GS 1986

  10. Daniel Pescheur - F (CMPN, GS1000)
  20. Herbert Schek - D (Schek GS with Krauser 4 valves heads) Pic
  21. Philippe Hutin - F (Cora-Publi62-GM,GS)
  71. Alain Laurent - F (Intermarché Discol, GS800)
  72. Yves de Chalon - F (IRP Auto, K75GS) Pic
  73. Jean-Daniel Duchaussoy - F (Ouest Paris-Dakar, GS1000)

The rally

29/12/1985  prologue at Cergy pontoise (7km chrono)
31/12/1985  "parc fermé" at Versailles
01/01/1986  Versailles-Sète (liaison)
02/01/1986  Boat through Mediterannean Sea
03/01/1986  Alger-Ghardaia (600km liaison)
04/01/1986  Ghardaia-Ouargla (189km liaison)
            Ouargla-El Golea (239km chrono)
05/01/1986  El Golea-Chebaba (120km liaison)
            Chebaba-In Salah (380km chrono)
06/01/1986  In Salah- (80km liaison)
            -Arak (202km chrono)
            Arak-In Ecker (206km chrono)
            In Ecker-Tamanrasset (178km liaison)
07/01/1986  Tamanrasset-Assekrem (170km chrono)
            Assekrem-Tamanrasset (80km liaison) 
08/01/1986  Tamanrasset-Iferouâne (560km chrono)
            Iferouâne-Agadez (350km chrono for cars)
                                   (350km liaison for bikes, 
                                    passing by "roads")

Raid Santos de Cartier
09/01/1986  Agadez-Bilma (610km chrono)
            Bilma-Dirkou (35km liaison)
10/01/1986  Dirkou-Agadem (280km chrono)
11/01/1986  Agadem-Nguigmi (320km chrono)
            Nguigmi-Zinder (595km liaison)
end of Raid Santos de Cartier

12/01/1986  Zinder-Tahoua (550km liaison)
            Tahoua-Talcho (244km chrono)
            Talcho-Niamey (210km liaison)
13/01/1986  Niamey (rest day)
14/01/1986  Niamey-Téra (175km liaison)
            Téra-Gao (280km chrono)
            Gao-Gossi (162km liaison)
            Gossi-Gourma Rharous (140km chrono)

==planned program==
  15/01/1986  Gourma Rharous-Douentza (315km chrono)
              Douentza-Bandiagara (125km chrono)
              Bandiagara-Bamako (656km liaison)
  16/01/1986  Bamako-Manou (860km chrono)
              Manou-Labé (152km liaison)
  17/01/1986  Labé-Kedougou (221km chrono)
              Kedougou-Kayes (260km chrono)
  18/01/1986  Kayes-Kiffa (300km chrono)
  19/01/1986  Kiffa-Chinguetti (650km chrono)
  20/01/1986  Chinguetti-Boutilimit (850km liaison)
              Boutilimit-Rosso (195km chrono)
              Rosso-St. Louis (98km liaison)
  21/01/1986  St. Louis-Richard Toll (100km liaison)
              Richard Toll-Linguère (150km chrono)
              Linguère-Tiel (54km chrono)
              Tiel-Sali Portudal (160km liaison)
  22/01/1986  Sali Portudal-M'boro (140km liaison)
              M'boro-Yoff-Dakar (80km chrono)

==change due to the Helicopter crash (and a sand storm)==
  15/01/1986  Gourma Rharous-Bamako (880km liaison, convoy ride)
  16/01/1986  Bamako-Manou (860km chrono)
              Manou-Labé (152km liaison)
  17/01/1986  Labé (rest day due to the sand storm)
  18/01/1986  Labé-Kedougou (221km chrono)
              Kedougou-Kayes (260km chrono)
  19/01/1986  Kayes-Kiffa (300km chrono)
  20/01/1986  Kiffa-Boutilimit (450km liaison)
              Boutilimit-Rosso (195km chrono)
              Rosso-St. Louis (150km chrono)
  21/01/1986  St. Louis-Richard Toll (100km liaison)
              Richard Toll-Dara (150km chrono)
              Dara-Tiel (54km chrono)
              Tiel-Sali Portudal (160km liaison)
  22/01/1986  Sali Portudal-M'boro (140km liaison)
              M'boro-Yoff-Dakar (80km chrono)

On 14th January the P-D organisator helicopter crash at Gourma Rharous.
5 deads:
Thierry Sabine, Paris-Dakar organisator,
Daniel Balavoine, pop-star and organisator of 
Jean-Paul le Fur, communication responsible on the P-D
Nathalie Odent, a young journalist
François-Xavier Bagnou, helicopter pilot.

After that crash the rally continue but without any major change in 
the classement (except fot the pilote who had decided to quitte the rally).
The stages program was changed: no race the day of the crash and last stages modifyed due to a sand storm.
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Final result :
  1. Cyril Neuveu - F (Honda NXR750) 72h49'08''
  2. Gilles Lalay - F (Honda NXR750) 73h00'19''
  3. Andrea Balestrieri - I (Honda XR600) 75h04'08''
  8. E.Hau 77h26'12''
  14. G.Rahier 91h46'22''
  22. R.Loizeaux 119h12'47''

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