The 1987 Paris-Alger-Dakar Rally


Official Team: Team Gaston Rahier 
Sponsors: Marlboro, Elf, Michelin and HPN
Colors: White/fluo red
  101. Gaston Rahier - B
  102. Gianpiero Findanno - I  (out 10 january final drive)
  103. Raymond Loizeaux - F
  104. André Boudou - F
Technical data:
  HPN bike
  85hp, 1050cc engine
  compression 9:1
  Fork WP upside-down (black) and WP shocks
  Acerbis nylon 42 liters tank, 
  6 liters under the seat and 12 in lateral tank
  White frame with engine protection bars
  Big Acerbis fairing fixed on the frame with lateral panel
  Hand protector
Tank 87

PD rally GS 1987

Private team: L'Ecureil
Sponsors: "Caisse d'Epargne Ecureuil and Elf"
Colors: White and red
  87. Marc Morales - F
  88. Pierre-Marie Poli - F
  89. Daniel Pescheur - F
Technical data: 
  1050 cc engine from BMW France (prep. Arcuail Motor)
  Fork Marzzochi (white), Ohlins shocks
  ERS carbon frame and fairing (5,8kg for the frame/tanks part)

M.Morales out clutch death at 3 km from arrival, he was 7th :-(
P-M.Poli out (crash with ? Boano in the desert)
D.Pescheur out (bike completly burned during a refueling)

Private team: Gendarmerie Nationale
Sponsors: Ryobi
Colors: White and light blue
  24. Philippe Legendre - F
  25. Jean-Claude Huger - F
  26. Jean-Luc Mesnil - F 
Bike technical data: 
  preparation by "la Gendarmerie Nationale"
  800cc engine with oil-cooler
  Fork Marzzochi (white), Ohlins shocks
  Same tank as the 86' official GS
  Small windshield

  20. Herbert Schek - D
  72. Yves de Chalon - F (K75GS)
  129. Mairinger - Aut
  137. Bruno Birbes - I (US Leonessa Italia)
  143. Eckert - D (Telefunken EGS)
  153 Scheizer and Perreau (Arcueil Motor-Lauroflor-CMPN,R1000)
  149 Herz and Herz (Steenbock K100)

The rally

31/12/1986  prologue at Cergy pontoise (7km chrono)
01/01/1986  Versailles-Barcelona (liaison)
02/01/1987  Boat through Mediterannean Sea
03/01/1987  Alger-Ghardaia (623km liaison)
04/01/1987  Ghardaia-Ouargla (169km liaison)
            Ouargla-  (256km chrono)
            -El Golea (30km liaison)
05/01/1987  El Golea-Chebaba (146km liaison)
            Chebaba-Foggâret ez Zoûa (492km chron)
            Foggâret ez Zoûa-In Salah (41km liaison)
06/01/1987  In Salah- (83km liaison)
            -In Ecker (560km chrono)
            In Ecker-Tamanrasset (167km liaison)
07/01/1987  Tamanrasset-Tagahouhaout (57km liaison)
            Tagahouhaout-Arlit (648km chrono) 
08/01/1987  Arlit-Texaco (692km chrono)
09/01/1987  Texaco-"Thierry Sabine's tree" (20km liaison)
            "Thierry Sabine's tree"-Dirkou (506km chrono, start all together in one line!)
10/01/1987  Dirkou-Anoumekerene (702km chrono)
            Anoumekerene-Agadez (153km liaison)
11/01/1987  Agadez (rest day)
12/01/1987  Agadez-Tchin Tabaradene-Tahoua (358km chrono)
            Tchin Tabaradene-Tahoua (160km liaison)
13/01/1987  Tahoua-Abala (350km chrono)
            Abala-Niamey (250km liaison)
14/01/1987  Niamey-Margaïzé (145km liaison)
            Margaïzé-Gao (500km chrono)
15/01/1987  Gao-Tombouctou (418km chrono)
16/01/1987  Tombouctou-Néma (590km chrono)
17/01/1987  Néma-Ayoün el'Atroüs (277km liaison)
            Ayoün el'Atroüs-Tidjikja (458km chrono)
18/01/1987  Tidjikja-Chinguetti (343km chrono)
            Chinguetti-Atar (115 liaison)
19/01/1987  Atar-Choum (46km liaison)
            Choum-Nouadhibou (525km chrono)
20/01/1987  Nouadhibou-Nouakchott (486km chrono)
            Nouakchott-Richard Toll (230km liaison)
21/01/1987  Richard Toll-Dara (160km chrono)
            Dara-St. Louis (182km liaison)
22/01/1987  St. Louis-Dakar (250km chrono)
            2 chrono stages: 1) the beach
                             2) "le Lac Rose" (the pink lake)

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Final result :
  1. Cyril Neuveu - F (Honda NXR750) 90h47'23''
  2. Edi Orioli - I (Honda NXR750) 92h31'21''
  3. G.Rahier 94h09'56''
  15. R.Loizeaux 116h58'25''
  16. A.Boudou 118h41'17''
  25. (out of time) J-L.Mesnil 174h36'05''

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