The 1996 Granada-Dakar Rally


  100. David Castera - F (CHALLENGE 95, F650), started with a more or less 
       standard version of the Funduro in the "Marathon" category but chifted 
       to "Experimentale" category during the race.
  101. Raymond Loizeaux - F (BMW HPN 100 GS)
  102. Giovani Tramontana - F (CHALLENGE 95, BMW 100 GS)


The rally

29/12/1995  Granada, unusual prologue an acceleration test on a 300m track

==planned program==
30/12/1995  Granada/Malaga S4km S75km L162km

==change due to the mud==
30/12/1995  Granada/Malaga S4km L2??km

31/12/1995  Nador/Oujda S149km L74km
01/01/1996  Oujda/Er-Rachidia S328km L224km
02/01/1996  Er-Rachidia/Foum El Hassam S540km L236km
03/01/1996  Foum El Hassam/Smara S747km L20km
04/01/1996  Smara/Zouerat S603km L17km
05/01/1996  Zouerat/Atar S365km L9km
06/01/1996  Atar/Zouerat S511km L28km
07/01/1996  Zouerat (rest day)
08/01/1996  Zouerat/El Mreïti S629km L9km
09/01/1996  El Mreïti/Tichit S632km
10/01/1996  Tichit/Kiffa S530km L5km
11/01/1996  Kiffa/Kayes S275km L19km
12/01/1996  Kayes/Labé S510km L2km
13/01/1996  Labé/Tambacounda S620km L55km
14/01/1996  Tambacounda/Dakar S35km L452km
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Final result :
   1. Edi Orioli - I (Yamaha 850) 72h31'03''
   2. Jordi Arcarons - SP (KTM) 73h36'48''
   3. Carlos Sotelo - Sp (KTM 600 GS) 78h19'12''
  11. David Castera - F 89h25'36 (1st experimental cat.)
  26. Giovani Tramontana - F 101h18'55 (2nd experimental cat.)
  out of time
  36. Raymond Loizeaux - F 111h24'39

50 bikes out of 140 have finished the raid.

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