The 1997 Dakar-Agadès-Dakar Rally


  26. Raymond Loizeaux - F (BMW GS Team Loizeaux)

The rally

04/01/1997  Dakar/Mbaké (206km liaison)
            Mbaké/Koumpentoum (275km chrono)
            Koumpentoum/Tambacounda (106km liaison)
05/01/1997  Tambacounda/ (7km liaison)
            /Sadiola (505km chrono)
            Sadiola/Kayes (82km liaison)
06/01/1997  Kayes/ (5km liaison)
            /Goumdou (552km chrono)
            Goumdou/Nara (35km liaison)
07/01/1997  Nara/ (8km liaison)
            /Tombouctou (658km chrono)
08/01/1997  Tombouctou/ (415km chrono)
            /Gao (9km liaison)

==planned program==
09/01/1997  Gao/ (8km liaison)
            /Ménaka (332km chrono)
            Ménaka/Tahoua (396km liaison)
10/01/1997 Tahoua/Arlit (575km chrono)
11/01/1997 Arlit/Agadez (?km chrono)

==changed program==
09/01/1997  Gao/ (8km liaison)
            /Ménaka (332km chrono)
10/01/1997  Menaka/Tahoua (396km chrono)
11/01/1997  Tahoua/Arlit (575km chrono)
            Arlit/Agades (243km liaison)

12/01/97 Agadez Rest day

13/01/1997  Agadčs/ (3km ?or 32km? liaison)
            /Oclan (457km ?or 283km? chrono)
14/01/1997  Oclan/Kidal (537km ?or 575km? chrono)
15/01/1997  Kidal/ (2km liaison)
            / (568km chrono)
            /Tombouctou (7km liaison)
16/01/1997  Tombouctou/ (577km chrono)
            /Néma (8km liaison)
17/01/1997  Néma/Ayoun El 'Atrous (290km liaison)
            Ayoun El 'Atrous/ (308km chrono)
            /Kiffa (6km liaison)
18/01/1997  Kiffa/Boutilimit (455km liaison)
            Boutilimit/Rosso (166km chrono)
            Rosso/Saint Louis (130km liaison)
19/01/1997  Saint Louis/Mboro (237km liaison)
            Mboro/Dakar (18km chrono on the beach and around the "Lac Rose")

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Final result :
  1. Sté:phane Peterhansel - F (Yamaha) 65h14'37''
  2. Oscar Gallardo - SP (Cagiva) 67h49'53''
  3. David Castera - SP (Yamaha) 68h11'02''
  43. R.Loizeaux 97h34'13''

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