The 1998 Paris-Granada-Dakar Rally


Official Team: BMW Team Schalber
Colors: Black/White with red and blue squares on the rear part.
  2. Edi Orioli - F (out stage 10)
  6. Oscar Gallardo - SP (out stage 14)
  16. Jean Brucy - F
  26. Andrea Mayer - D (out stage 14)
Technical data: F650
  Schalber bike
  Brembo brakes
  2 front tanks and a rear one

  75. Raymond Raymond Loizeaux - F (B.M.W R100GS, Team Handicap sans Frontière)
  180. Luc Fernandez - F (R80GS, Team Martinique) (out stage 6)

The rally

01/01/1998  Versailles-La Châtre (320km liaison)
            La Châtre-La Châtre (11km chrono)
            La Châtre-Narbonne (607km liaison)
02/01/1998  Narbonne-Chateau Lastours (liaison)
            Chateau Lastours-Chateau Lastours (chrono)
            Chateau Lastours-Granada (liaison)
03/01/1998  Granada- (6km liaison)
            - (4km chrono)
            - (74km liaison)
            - (80km chrono)
            -Alméria (70km liaison)
             night in the boat through Mediterannean Sea
04/01/1998  Nador- (182km liaison)
            -Talsinnt (247km chrono)
            Talsinnt-Er Rachidia (184km liaison)
05/01/1998  Er Rachidia-Borj Yerdi (57km liaison)
            Borj Yerdi-Tazzarine (344km chrono)
            Tazzarine-Ouarzazate (176km liaison)
06/01/1998  Ouarzazate-Foum Zguid (176km liaison)
            Foum Zguid-Fam El Hisn (354km chrono)
            Fam El Hisn-Smara (520km liaison)
07/01/1998  Smara- (111km liaison)
            - (494km chrono)
            -Zouerat (9km liaison)
08/01/1998  Zouerat- (4km liaison)
            -El Mreiti (680km chrono)
09/01/1998  El Mreiti-Taoudenni (478km chrono)
10/01/1998  Taoudenni- (806km chrono)
            -Gao (112km liaison)
11/01/1998  Gao (rest day)
12/01/1998  Gao- (9km liaison)
            -Tombouctou (411km chrono)
13/01/1998  Tombouctou- (551km chrono)
            -Néma (8km liaison)
14/01/1998  Néma- (745km chrono)
            -Tidjikja (4km liaison)
15/01/1998  Tidjikja- (358km chrono)
            -Atar (36km liaison)
16/01/1998  Atar- (34km liaison)
            - (456km chrono)
            -Boutilimit (3km liaison)
17/01/1998  Boutilimit-Rosso (166km chrono)
            Rosso- (99km liaison)
            -Saint Louis (?km chrono)
18/01/1998  Saint Louis- (247km liaison)
            -"Lac Rose" (the final on the beach, 18km chrono)
            liaison to Dakar

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Final result :
  1. Stéphane Peterhansel - F (Yamaha 850XTZ, Team Yamaha Motor France) 62h39'37''
  2. Fabrizio Meoni - I (KTM 660 LC4, Team KTM Austria) 63h10'06''
  3. Andy Haydon - A (KTM 640 LC4, Team Haydon) 63h59'19''
  35. J.Brucy 92h09'06''
  51. R.Loizeaux 115h24'39''

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