The 1999 "Total" Granada-Dakar Rally


Official Team: BMW Motorrad
Colors: Black/White with red and blue squares on the front part.
  12. Richard Sainct - F
  14. Oscar Gallardo - SP
  32. Andrea Mayer - D
  45. Jean Brucy - F
Technical data: F650RR
  Schalber bike
  75hp, 700cc engine
  Fork WP (300mm travel)
  WP shock (300mm travel)
  Front disk Brembo 300mm
  2 front tanks (13,5 liters) and a 17,5 liters rear

  46. Bernd Nutowt - D (BMW BENUTO) out on stage 4
  60. Raymond Loizeaux - F (BMW HPN 100 GS, FCMPN BMW TOTAL) out during the 
      rest day.  He fell asleep while passing a car during the long long 
      liaison before Bobo-Diolaso.  One small shoulder injury but the HPN 
      bike was destroyed.
      "Its my 19th Dakar and I thought I knew my limits. But 30 km
      from the finish at Bobo, while overtaking a car, I feel asleep at
      about 130 kph. I went over the safety barrier and hurt my
      shoulder and now I'm out of the race. I should have stopped for
      a rest earlier."
  89. Didier Py - F (BMW R100GS, Club Motocycliste PO) out on stage 4

The rally

31/12/1998  prologue at Granada (5km liaison, 7km chrono, 10km liaison)

==planned program==
01/01/1999  Granada-Raba (5km liaison, 115km  chrono, 400km liaison with
             boat through strait of Gibraltar)

==change due to the mud==
01/01/1999  Granada-Raba (5km liaison, 5km  chrono same as on the 31/12,
             520km liaison with boat through strait of Gibraltar)

02/01/1999  Raba- (87km liaison)
            - (100km chrono)
            -Agadir (467km liaison)
03/01/1999  Agadir- (243km liaison)
            - (230km chrono)
            -Tan Tan (37km liaison)
04/01/1999  Tan Tan- (64km liaison)
            -Bir Mogrein (451km chrono)
05/01/1999  Bir Mogrein-Ksar Torchane (425km chrono)
            Ksar Torchane-Atar (5km liaison)
06/01/1999  Atar-Terjît (35km liaison)
            Terjît-Tidjikja (458km chrono)
07/01/1999  Tidjikja- (3km liaison)
            -'Ayoûn el 'Atroûs (434km chrono)
            'Ayoûn el 'Atroûs-Nioro (188km liaison)

==planned program==
08/01/1999  Nioro-Bamako (460km chrono)
            Bamako-Bobo Diolasso (540km liaison)

==changed program==
08/01/1999  for cars and trucks:
              Nioro-Kalifabougou (384km chrono)
              Kalifabougou-Bobo Diolasso (552km liaison)
            for bikes and quads:
              Nioro-Bobo Diolasso (1000km liaison)

09/01/1999  Bobo Diolasso (rest day)

==planned program==
10/01/1999  Bobo Diolasso- (260km liaison)
            -Douenza (300km chrono)
            Douenza-Gao (400km liaison)
11/01/1999  Gao- (12km liaison)
            -Tombouctou (412km chrono)

==changed program==
10/01/1999  Bobo Diolasso- (260km liaison)
            -Douenza (300km chrono)
            Douenza-Mopti (167km liaison)
11/01/1999  Mopti-Dogofri (570km liaison)
            Dogofri-Tombouctou (460km chrono)
            Stage canceled for the bikes, they do the trip by plane.

12/01/1999  Tombouctou- (539km chrono)
            -Néma (9km liaison)
13/01/1999  Néma-Tichit (490km chrono)
14/01/1999  Tichit- (579km chrono)
            -Atar (36km liaison)
15/01/1999  Atar- (34km liaison)
            - (433km chrono)
            - Nouakchott (37km liaison)
16/01/1999 Nouakchott- (96km liaison)
           - (151km chrono on the beach)
           -St. Louis (10km liaison)
17/01/1999 St. Louis-Kayar (240km liaison)
           Kayar-Dakar (20km chrono on the beach and around the "Lac Rose")
           No chrono on this stage for the bike.
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Final result :
  1. Richard Sainct - F 58h44'59''
  2. Thierry Magnaldi - F (KTM 660 LC4) 58h49'08''
  3. Alfie Cox - SA (KTM 660 LC4) 59h26'18''
  9. Oscar Gallardo - SP 64h15'35''
  20. Jean Brucy - F 70h30'52''
  32. Andrea Mayer - D 79h58'42''

"Third on the special and 4th overall, Alfie Cox perhaps best summed up the
frustration felt in the KTM camp.  'I can't believe it,' said the South
African.  'On all the other rallies BMW have had nothing but problems.
Even here, Brucy and Gallardo have had one breakdown after another.  But
Sainct just keeps going.  It is as if fate has decreed that Richard will
win.  Still you have to take your hat off to Sainct --- he hasn't put a
foot wrong the whole rallye.'"

54 bikes joined Dakar, they were 161 on the start in Granada.

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