The 1999 "Total" Granada-Dakar Rally
BMW F650RR racing bike


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Richard Sainct between a F650
and his victorious F650RR.

Carbon airbox and titanium
radiator protection bar.

Alu oil tank and alu shock
support (removable for carbs acces).

Dashboard with:
  • roadbook and rally computer
  • 1 alert light
  • 1 switch for ventilators

  • Rear light and fender
    only one F650 part!

    Kevlar watertank/engine bash

    Detail of the "beast"!

    WP shock directly mounted
    on the rear wheel fork.
    Fuel line connection
    behind the brake piston.

    All pics scanned in "Moto Verte" Marsh 1999 (French off-road bike magazine).

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