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Mojave Desert Camp Site & Information

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Directions to the Camp Sites we prefer to use.

  1. Take Interstate-5 to Hwy-223 & follow east thru Arvin and up to Hwy-58 EAST.
  2. After dropping down from the Tehachapi Summit (still on Hwy-58), take the 1st exit to 
    California City/Mojave & follow Randsburg Cutoff Rd. across Hwy-14 
    (now California City Blvd.) to California City.
  3. Continue on California City Blvd. east, to the 1st stop sign past the pedestrian bridge & golf courses.
  4. Turn left on Randsburg-Mojave Rd. & go 1.3 miles.
  5. Follow the paved road as it bears right and becomes 20 Mule Team Parkway.  Go ~5.0 miles.  
    You will pass a prison on your right & a large water tank on your left.
  6. Site specific directions are further down...

Site # 1 by the small hills,  &  Site # 3 on Washburn in front of the hill with the water tank

To Site # 1  (NOTE: we rarely use this too-popular site anymore.)

  1. Turn left on Esse Blvd. (1st of the gravel roads past the water tank) & go 1.3 miles.
  2. Turn right & follow this road ~1.0 miles (thru a left curve, a straight, a right curve, and into the next straight) .
  3. Turn right on NEXT dirt road & camp is at the end of this "cul-de-sac".


To Site # 3 (Our normal camping location now)
(For a GoogleMap with GPS coordinates, <
http://maps.google.com/maps?q=35.1886,-117.7805> CLICK HERE!)

  1. Continue on Twenty-Mule Team Parkway past Esse, Chrysler, & Cadillac.
  2. Turn RIGHT on Washburn Blvd (street sign is on LEFT side of 20-Mule Team) & 
    it will point you straight towards the hill with the water tank(see picture below).
  3. Follow the curve to the left & we're RIGHT HERE in front of the hill with the water tank.
    (OR ... Turn RIGHT on AL Blvd., take the first RIGHT on Washburn.)


View of Site # 3's Hill with Water Tank from Washburn Blvd. turn off

View of Site # 3's Hill with Water Tank from Al Blvd. turn off

Camping Information : This is primitive camping.  There are NO water or restroom facilities where we camp.*  You need to bring EVERYTHING with you that you require, and take it with you when you leave.  It can be VERY windy & cold in the desert at night.  Coleman tents from WalMart have been known to self-destruct with the occupants still inside!  Good 3-4 season tents, properly guyed down will work, but can be very noisy in the wind.  There are a few scrub bushes near by to dig a hole & set-up a potty behind.  The experienced desert riders are in trailers & vans, or have generous friends who do.  Some folks share meals & food, but that's usually pre-arranged BEFORE the trip.  Here's the list of things you should bring;

  • Shelter - good 3-4 season tent with proper guying & earplugs, auto/truck/van, trailer, or motel room.
  • Drinking water & hydration system for the trail (100-oz size recommended for long day loops).
  • All food for meals & snacks/meals on the trail.
  • Cooking stuff.
  • Toilet stuff.
  • Clothing for 90-degree days, 20-degree nights, & everything in between.
  • "It never rains or snows in the desert!" Julio Hotstuff Sanchez.  Who musta been high on ...
  • "Quality Libations".
  • Firewood, LOTS of firewood.
  • Large garbage bags to collect & haul your stuff away.
  • Dirtbike, riding gear, fuel, spare parts, & stuff.
  • Monkey-brains fixings for Julio
  • Extra gasoline for Hans' midnight pyro rituals.
  • More firewood.

*UPDATE: On 20-Mule Team, between Esse & Chrysler is the Borax-Bill Park, now with restrooms, showers, (food during the day)& a dumpster.  This is the closest place to leave your garbage bags on the way out.

California City has a couple of grocery stores (with firewood) & gas stations, but no motels.  Mojave is where you will find the closest motels (Motel 6, 661-824-4571, is 24 miles from camp), but remember your ear plugs as the trains run 24-hours-a-day.

Weather.Com 10-day Forecast for Edwards AFB (just a couple of miles south of camp)

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