More PISMO Photos . . .

By Catfish & Earl Minkler

Lee, Earl, & Chris with the T-REX Jawbone during our 1st PISMO trip in '91

Hans Koolhoven & his new CR250 with paddle tire in '97

Sammy, Hans' brother-in-law, Lee, Hans, & Chris in '97
with Jennifer(Hans' wife)'s NEW leather loveseat & couch!
"We be Stylin' on da BEACH!"

Earl on that legendary Sand Monster, the ZXR50-RR1 "Duckbill Platypus", '98

Gretchen does a HUGE smoky-burnout sand donut and lands on her <hee-hee> butt. '98

Da Catfish showin' off, '98

14-yr. old Lee Minkler in a nice powerslide on his XR100! '98

Chuck Sorensen showin' us how his XR"100" <nudge-nudge-wink-wink> does it! '98

Lee, Chuck (Pssst, look UP), & Catfish in '98

Rich Oliver refueling his YZ, '98

Rich's trick XR"100", '98

Chuck Sorensen, '98

Rich Oliver, '98

Rich Oliver & Chuck Sorensen, '98


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1995-99, Mike Chaplin

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