The San Francisco Northstars
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2013 Events
Last Wed. of month Club Meeting & Dinner
Feb. 3 The Two-Mountain Ride
May 18-20 Songdog Ranch!
July 19-22 High-Sierras Dual-Sport Ride
Oct. 12 Lisa's Brunch Ride
Oct. 12,13 Pete Silva Ride & Camp
Oct. 30 Meeting+Dinner at Mark Wurtzel's
Dec. 26 -... Keyesville Camp & Dirt Ride ...

Steve, Lisa, John, Glen, Chris, Catfish, & Artyom on Lisa's Brunch Ride

Pete & a few of his toys (Link to Pete on speedway bike)

Glen on Pete's short-tracker

Earl on Pete's Honda Speedway Bike

Mojave Madness Ride (March 2010)

2 Mountain Ride (Feb. 2008)

High-Sierra Dual-Sport Ride (June 2009)

Airon, Earl, Brad, Bill, & Hans with Don Singer's Memorial (March 2011)

Jim chased by a Catfish! (July 2011)

The Lodge at the Songdog Ranch (May 2009)

Las Vegas Ride over the Sierras (1976)

Glen Coddington presented Allan Paul with the Club Plaque
for his years of leadership, support, & BEER! (Oct. 2009)


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