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The San Francisco Northstars Motorcycle Club was started in 1974 by a group of S.F. motorcycle police officers who took their riding, guns, eating, & drinking very seriously. Biweekly meetings & dinner with 1-2 street rides per month was the norm. Additional DP, dirt, & camping rides were scattered throughout the year. An Annual Picnic and Annual Club Dinner with an Awards Gala along with Special meetings at local breweries with connections inside the Northstars were also part of the yearly schedule.

Today, the Northstars are made up of people from all walks of life who share the main priority of riding and eating (especially dessert!) along with some of the passions of old and a general taste for travel and adventure.  We are based in San Francisco but the membership consists of people from all over the Bay Area and beyond including some connections to the riders of the Pacific Northwest (also known as WetLeather).

The general focus of the club is weekend sport riding, but we also do multi-day sport-touring rides, single day and week long dirt ride events as well.  The membership includes folks riding R1's, XR's, BMWs, KTMs as well as a host of other machines.  The riding is spirited for some & relaxing to others.  In general we prefer a safe and sane ride where everyone makes it to the day's destination in one piece with no one left behind.  Here's a list of some of our more memorable rides & events;

  • Spring Song Dog Ranch Rides.

  • Lost Coast & Eureka Ride

  • Feather River & Lassen Ride

  • Death Valley Ride

  • the Skaggs Springs International Enduro

  • Fout Springs/Stonyford Dirt & Camping Ride

  • Clear Creek

  • Loon Lake/Rubicon Area Dirt & Camping Ride

  • Pismo Dunes & Beach Party, & More Pismo pictures!

  • Mojave Desert Ride & Camping, Directions to camp

  • Cow Mountain Day Rides (Dirt)

  • Carnegie Day Rides (Dirt)

  • Trinity Alps/Crater Lake Ride

  • Yosemite Day Ride

  • MX tracks & 1/8-mile dirt oval at Club Moto

  • Sierra 6-Pass Ride

  • the 2-Mountain Ride on SuperBowl Sunday

  • Other favorite links to members

  • The Good Old Days

    At the October, 2008 meeting, we received a letter (page 1, page 2) from C.J. Mills with a photo from a Las Vegas Ride through the Sierras.

    "We Ride to Eat, & Eat to Ride!"

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