Ride Reports & Photos

2013 The 2-Mountain Ride
2012 Bob-O's Discovery Bay Boat Ride & Dinner!
Jim Cairnes' Nicasio Dirtbike Bonanza!
Spring Mojave Madness
2011 Santa's Mojave Ride
The 2-Mtn Ride
March Mojave Madness
Mad Cow Mountain Ride
The Golden Gate Enduro
High-Sierras Dual-Sport Ride
Karting, Ribs, & August Meeting at Dick Tator's!
2011 Photos
Pete & Pam's Northstars Camping Ride
2010 The 2-Mtn Ride
The Spring Mojave Madness Ride
The North Bay Ride
The Songdog Ranch Ride
High Sierra Dual-Sport Ride (Artyom & Chris Photos, Bob-O photos)
Deer Hunting with a Motorcycle 101, by Brad Luther
2009 Club Dinner
The 2-Mtn Ride
March Mojave Madness Report & Photos
Ride to Vintage Northstars Meeting (March 28)
April Dirt Day at the Nicasio Ranch
Songdog Ride (Jim, Laurel, Lisa, & Glen/John Photos)
The Lost Coast Ride (Catfish, , &  Photos)
High-Sierra DS Ride (Photos,)
Malakoff Diggins Ride (Sue's, Photos)
Allan Paul Farewell Party & Club Meeting, Sept. 30
Mojave Holiday Madness!
2008 Bay Boat Ride & Awards Dinner
Two-Mountain Ride
The Dual-Sport Delta Ride
Dirt Day 101
Stonyford Snow Ride! 
Southern Utah DS Ride
Songdog08 Laurel's Photos
SuperMoto School!
Malakoff Diggins Camping Ride - (Glen's Photos) (Laurel's Photos) (Lisa's Photos)
Dirt Day 102
High-Sierra DS Ride
MotoGP & Full-Moon Ride
Catfish's Gather08 Ride
Laurel & Lisa in the Canadian Rockies!
Yosemite Camping & Ahwahnee Brunch!
Dirt Day 103 at the Nicasio Ranch
The Girls at Carnegie
Mojave Madness Report & Photos! (Laurel's Photos) (Airon's Photos)
2007 Awards Banquet
Two-Mountain Ride
Delta Ride
Soggydog Ride
Loon Lake Dual-Sport Ride
Cache-Creek Adventure Ride
Full Moon over Mt. Hamilton Ride
Memorial Bakery Ride for Craig
Carnegie Dirt & Dual-Sport Ride
Yosemite Camping & Ahwahnee Brunch Ride
Northbay Ride
BRP Fun Ride at Clear Creek
Anchor Steam Brewery Tour
2006 Songdog Reunion Ride (C.Hightower Photos)
Songdog Reunion Ride (Catfish Photos)
Glen & Abby at the James Cornell Benefit!
Pine Nut Mountains (S.Martinez photos)
Loon Lake Dual-Sport Ride
Colorado or Bust! (C.Hightower Photos)
President's Ride (G. Coddington Photos)
Nov-Dec Mojave Trips (A.Green Photos)
December Mojave Ride Report (Stinez & others at AdvRider)
December Mojave Trip (S.Martinez photos)
2005 Mojave Nov-2005
Mojave Dec-2005
Annual Dinner and Awards Banquet 2005
Two-Mountain Ride
Gretchen's Whale Watch Ride
Mojave in the Springtime (Steve's pics)
Pat's Baja Ride
Stonyford Dirty Fun
Death Valley
Pine Nut Mountains
Hot Springs Ride
Lassen Ride
Kari's Howl-o-ween Ride
Mojave Time
2004 Club Dinner
Two-Mountain Ride (Steve Martinez's @ SmugMug)
The Songdog Ride
The Hot Springs Ride
SFMC 100th Anniversary Party
Julio's Dardanelle Ride
The Golden Gate Enduro Pics (Flyer)
Historic photos of club members
2003 Assorted Pics
Spring Mojave Desert 
Songdog Ranch 
Songdog Ranch (Craig's @ Backroads Boogie)
Lost Coast Luau 
Ahwahnee Brunch (Tony's @ TZ250)
Kings Canyon (Craig's @ Backroads Boogie) 
Laguna Seca 
Brooks & Son? 
Nov. Mojave Desert (Dave Rivers' @ SmugMug)
Death Valley (Craig's @ Backroads Boogie)
Mojave Motorcycle Memorial 
2002 Photos 
2001 Photos 
2000 Photos 

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