Club Traditions & Information



  • Create agendas & preside over club meetings & events
  • Should be familiar with applicable sections of Robert's Rules of Order
    (Parliamentary procedures & rules for conducting effective & fair meetings)
  • Public-relations representative for the club (or designated alternate)
  • Assign or delegate additional club items/issues requiring attention to committee
    (annual dinner, awards, picnic, fund raising, recruitment, etc.  Default chair = Vice President)
  • Follows up with subordinate officers as necessary to verify things are being done

Vice President

  • Acting President when pres. is unavailable
  • Assists President with whatever is requested
  • Chair (or member of) most committees

Word Steward

  • Take minutes at each meeting & event
  • Documents the meetings & events in the monthly newsletter
  • Maintains the current newsletter subscriber information
  • Mails newsletters to all current, dues-paying club members
  • Email newsletter document file to the Web Steward


  • Maintain club checking account
  • Collect dues & event registration fees
  • Maintain written records of dues & event registration fees paid
  • Pay all club bills & costs
  • Give treasury report at each meeting

Ride Steward

  • Schedule, announce, & preside at ride-planning meeting(s)
    (open to ALL members with input and/or interest in leading rides)
  • Define & coordinate the street-ride schedule with the Dirt Steward
  • Plan at least one street ride per month; two if one is a weekend ride
  • Solicit & mentor "Ride Leaders" for as many rides as possible

Dirt Steward

  • Define & coordinate the dirt-ride schedule with the Ride Steward
  • Plan one dirt ride per month
  • Solicit & mentor "Ride Leaders" for as many rides as possible

Sergeant at Arms

  • Maintains order, as directed by the President, at all meetings
  • Collects FINES (used to be a quarter) from everyone talking out of turn.

Web Steward

  • Maintain the SFNorthstars <> web site
  • Publish Word Steward's newsletter online each month
  • Create online club calendar from approved Ride Schedule
  • Publish new ride-announcement and event details in online club calendar each month
  • Publish all received club photos online each month


  • Minutes of the last club meeting
  • Next 3-4 months' events listed in the calendar
  • Location & time details for rides/events for the next 2 months
  • Ride reports from the meetings or email-list postings
  • A few teaser photos if possible

Ride Schedule

  • Drafted at Ride-Planning Meeting(s)
  • Reviewed & approved (vote) at next regular club meeting

Meeting Agenda (example)

  • Open meeting
  • Welcome & introduce guests
  • Word Steward reads minutes of last meeting
  • Vote to approve minutes as read or amend any corrections
  • Old business (old, on-going, or un-resolved stuff)
  • New business (upcoming rides & events)
  • Ride Reports
  • New Motorcycle Reports
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Close meeting

Ride Leaders & Club Rides

  • Announce meeting place & time for rides early enough to be included in the last newsletter before the ride
  • Pre-ride route to check/verify for closures, timing, fuel stops, & meal locations
  • Create ride map and/or route instructions
  • At Rider Meeting at beginning of ride;
        Distribute & discuss ride map/route information
        Discuss ride etiquette, the Pace, & Rules of the Road
  • Take pictures of ride/event (or designate alternate)
  • Write or give oral ride report at next meeting (or designate alternate)

Membership Requirements

  • Prior to February 2007
         Attend 3 club meetings
         Attend 3 club rides
         Pass the membership vote!
  • After February 2007
         Attend 5 club events
         Minimum 1 meeting
         Minimum 2 rides
         Pass the membership vote!

Annual Officers Election & Dinner

  • The October & November club meetings are OPEN to Officer Nominations for the following year.
  • Any active (current year's dues paid) Northstar may nominate any other active Northstar for any officer position.
  • Nominations require a "second" to be recorded and both must occur during an official club meeting.
  • The Nominee does not have to be present at the meeting to be nominated, but the Nominee must accept the nomination for their name to placed on the official ballot.
  • The Election Ballots are prepared & delivered with the December Newsletter.
  • Completed Ballots are DUE at the December meeting and counted.
  • Simple majority wins, coil toss in case of tie.
  • The Annual Dinner in January is to thank & roast the previous officers, and install the new officers.

Traditional Rides

  • 2-Mountain Ride
  • Delta Ride
  • Wine Country Ride
  • Salinas BBQ Ride
  • Eureka Ride
  • Dardanelles Camping Ride
  • Tahoe Camping Ride
  • Skaggs-Springs International Raceway Ride
  • Feather River Ride
  • Stonyford Dirt Ride
  • Cow Mountain Dirt Ride
  • Virginia City Grand Prix
  • ...

The Northstars Salute! (or Hymn) # 1

     Why was he born so beautiful?
     Why was he born at all?

     He's no fucking use to anyone,
     He's no fucking use at all.

     He may be a joy to his mother,
     But he's a pain in the ass to me.
     (raise your glass)

     Hymn Hymn FUCK HIM!

The Northstars Salute! (or Hymn) # 2

     HURRAY for <insert Name>!
     HURRAY at last!

     HURRAY for <insert Name here>!
     He's a horse's ASS!

     Hymn Hymn FUCK HIM!



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